The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board has weighed in on the perennial question of top-ten pound-for-pound boxers active today. Members were encouraged to apply a criteria which challenged them to go beyond simply asking who are the ‘best’: How high is the quality of the fighter’s recent opposition? How strong is the fighter’s career-long resume? How advanced is the fighter’s ring generalship? How willing is the fighter to accept all-comers?

While hammering out the inaugural P4P Rankings in February 2013, a lively debate erupted among members, particularly around whether a peaking Andre Ward or a declining Floyd Mayweather deserved the top spot. The response rate was upwards of 93% and the results were computed using a weighted point system.

Barring special circumstances, fighters inactive for one year or more will be removed from the P4P Rankings; otherwise, all changes to the list are decided by the Board at-large.

1Roman Gonzalez *NIC43-0-0 (37)Flyweight
2Manny PacquiaoPHI57-6-2 (38)Welterweight
3Wladimir Klitschko *UKR63-3-0 (53)Heavyweight
4Timothy BradleyUSA31-1-1 (12)Welterweight
5Guillermo Rigondeaux *CUB15-0-0 (10)Junior Featherweight
6Juan Francisco EstradaMEX31-2-0 (22)Flyweight
7Sergey KovalevRUS26-0-1 (23)Light Heavyweight
8Gennady GolovkinKAZ33-0-0 (30)Middleweight
9Naoya InoueJPN8-0-0 (7)Jr. Bantamweight
10Miguel Cotto*PR40-4-0 (33)Middleweight

* Champions as recognised by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board.

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  5. With JMM and Froch exiting the P4P list in May due to inactivity, it will be interesting to see who you guys choose to replace them. Will you go with merit and accomplishment or hype? It’s tough to see you guys avoiding the Golovkin bandwagon. I’m fairly certain he’ll find his way into your top 10.

    • You guys did Crawford dirty. Gennady Golovkin doesn’t belong anywhere near a P4P list. You guys fell for the flash, but that burns out quick. Substance lasts.

      • Good minds can disagree. When we last changed the P4P rankings (May 19) the debate was between Golovkin and Inoue -and Inoue lost to Golovkin (I was in the Inoue camp). Given that, June 2 was seen by Inoue’s supporters among the membership as an opportunity to get him in, though Crawford had support as well. Crawford is a safe bet to be next in line; I know I’ll be strenuously arguing for him!

        • Hard to understand why Golovkin was chosen over him. Crawford is 6 years younger, has won a lineal title, world titles in 2 weight divisions, 2014 FOTY, and has beaten as many former world champs in the past year as Golovkin has in his entire career.

          This decision was strictly made based on popularity. This s very maddening and it leaves me shaking my head.

          • V,

            Many members (including this one) agree that Crawford is more deserving than Golovkin; we just got outvoted. No need to assume motive –it is distinctly possible that those who believe Golovkin should be in the P4P List believe it because of what they see and not because of the applause that follows him. Incidentally, some of your evidence deserve a closer look. How many true world champs as Crawford beaten in the past year? None! He has beaten contenders, sure, but let’s not confuse contenders with “world champions” simply because some dizzy organization hands them belts and collect a % from their purse. How many true world champs as GGG, or Crawford for that matter, beaten over the course of their careers so far? None! That’s what’s really maddening -the opportunists who come in with a belt for sale and get everyone pretending a weekend bout between contenders or non-contenders is for “the world title.” Crawford’s first fight at Jr. welterweight was for one of those vacant, asinine “world” titles. How did he earn a ranking in that division if he never fought in that division? And was Dulorme one of the two best in the division? Not according to us. Dulorme was ranked #9 going in. Crawford was unranked.

            Now, Crawford fought and beat 4 contenders since ’14; while GGG defeated 3 contenders and two fringe contenders since ’13. Crawford did indeed take a divisional crown but to be fair, King Cotto hasn’t given GGG the chance and it’s unlikely he will for at least another year. Golovkin is almost certainly the best middleweight in the world, much like Craword was the best lightweight in the world in ’14. There isn’t a whole lot of distance between them.

            Thank you for the post, V. I hope the answer gave you a little peace of mind!

  6. You should archive the P4P lists also, can’t seem to find past lists.

    Good list, I’d have Klitschko above Bradley though. Hopefully Canelo makes it on soon Lara, Trout, Angulo and Kirkland and ain’t bad.

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  8. Isn’t p4p just a pointless pissing contest that detracts from what you regard as the more worthwhile endeavour of establishing respected single championship claims? And have you noticed that your p4p lists in fact get much more attention? Shows that boxing fans are more interested in meaningless mythical prestige and debate than, and isn’t exactly a show of support for what you’re trying to do with the divisional rankings.

    • Was Sugar Ray Robinson’s career a pointless endeavor. Because his career, in essence, summed up the importance of pound for pound discussion. Yes, it is subjective, and maybe not as important as establishing true champions, however distinguishing the top fighters in the sport regardless of weight is necessary in formulating the general strength of the sport and its elite participants.

      The discussion and debate that comes with it can either be seen as interesting and entertaining, or, if it offends you so much, it can be ignored, too.

  9. Good list, I respect its fairness. Still, I have my own…
    1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
    2. Manny Pacquiao
    3. Guillermo Rigondeaux
    4. Roman Gonzalez
    5. Wladimir Klitschko
    6. Timothy Bradley
    7. Juan Manuel Marquez
    8. Juan Francisco Estrada
    9. Miguel Cotto
    10. Sergey Kovalev
    Other Notables: Carl Froch, Gennady Golovkin, Saul Alvarez and Francisco Rodriguez…

  10. There is no such thing as the “correct” list. Attempts can be made to validate quantification, but in the end, the entirely subjective nature of any list comparing fighters across different weight categories will be the subject of heated debate and a magnet for many incoming arrows (or worse).

    These days, most of the same names appear on each list. With the advantage of listing mine after the Pacquiao- Algieri beatdown on November 22, 2014 and keeping in mind that a PFP should reflect a current snapshot in time (thus eliminating Hopkins based on his loss to Kovalev and Andre Ward because of his growing inactivity), here is my list as of November 24,2014: In compiling it, I carefully weighted and analyzed records, style, chin, KO percentages, skill-sets, quality of opposition, and especially dominance.

    Pound for Pound 11/23/14

    1. Tie–Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather
    2. Roman Gonzalez
    3. Timothy Bradley
    4. Wladimir Klitschko
    5. Carl Froch
    6. Guillermo Rigondeaux
    7 Vasyl Lomachenko
    8. Sergey Kovalev
    9. Juan Manuel Marquez
    10. Gennady Golovkin

    • Whoops!!!!!!!!1

      Should ne:

      1. Tie–Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather
      2. Roman Gonzalez
      3. Timothy Bradley
      4. Wladimir Klitschko
      5. Carl Froch
      6. Guillermo Rigondeaux
      7 Juan Manuel Marquez
      8. Sergey Kovalev
      9. Gennady Golovkin –
      10 Lomechenk0

        • There are no ‘rules’ to p4p. You can try to reflect accomplishments more in your evaluation, but p4p doesn’t mean anything and is just a subjective list of who would beat who in hypothetical mathups. So who’s to say elite amateurs shouldn’t be compared to pros? Robeisy Ramirez and Roniel Iglesias are in my top 20 p4p. My list will make me look brilliant in 2017 when Ramirez beats Roman Gonzalez!

    • Does Marquez really belong on a late 2014 p4p list? Based on how he looked vs Bradley and the carefully chosen Alvarado and at his ago, can you really see him dominating young welterweights like Thurman, Khan, and Brook? I love Marquez but heis success in the last four years doesn’t show much more than he has Pacuiao’s number stylistically. Including him isn’t much different than including Hopkins for his past accomplishments before he lost to Kovalev. We should be bold and say out with the old in p4p lists, as too many fighters are given byes while they protect their standing before their inevitable decline.

  11. I like to cross reference all of the ratings as just one of several ways to get at the list, but I like your way of using people strategically located to come up with a consensus. No one person can do this, though I suspect that’s the case with some of the rankings. The RING is compromised so I ignore it for the most part.

    First I do my own and then I compare it against yours. Then I cross-reference it just to make sure nothing looks crazy. It’s fun. Years ago, I used to do ESB’s by myself and that involved a lot of work. No more.

    • Thank you, Mr. Sares. There is a risk with the way we do the P4P List though, -especially given the fact that our model doesn’t demand that members use a strict criteria. Some may weight total record heavier than recent conquests for example. Others may imaginatively face them off in hypothetical match-ups and go from there. I look at it and don’t like a part-time pugilist like Ward so high. The good news for me is that he will soon be removed for inactivity.

    • The RING is still ranking Canelo in their Pound for Pound rankings — as if he ever deserved to be there in the first place. That’d be like me making People Magazine’s short list for Most Beautiful Man Alive.

  12. This is my very latest (10-21) and I’ll be interested to see how it stacks up against yours.
    1. Floyd Mayweather
    2. Manny Pacquiao
    3. Gennady Golovkin
    4. Andre Ward
    5. Roman Gonzalez
    6. Guillermo Rigondeaux
    7. Wladimir Klitschko
    8. Sergei Kovalev
    9. Tim Bradley
    10. Vasyl Lomachenko

  13. Is Golovkin’s absence entirely due to his inability to find anyone with a pulse to fight him? He has been obscenely dominant in the ring, and unless there is some serious behind-the-scenes intrigue, he’s willing to fight anyone at middle or super-middle. I think he’s the clear best middleweight, and deserving of a spot on the ranking.

    If Ward and Golovkin were to fight, I’m not so sure that Golovkin would be that heavy an underdog, and Ward is by some accounts the best p4p today. If that can’t convince you, I’m not sure what will (besides his eventual 9th round knockout of Canelo Alvarez in May of 2016).

    • You speak for many with this well-argued commentary. I think it is safe to say that Golovkin is on the brink of entering the P4P rankings, though I’m not privy to the positions of the other members. His absence at this point looks to me like a reflection of your first statement; that is, he must fight the best around him to prove what we all suspect. The argument that he hasn’t proven it only because of avoidance, financially-motivated delaying tactics, politics, or whatever should be of no consequence. We don’t rank based on hypotheticals or fantasy-match-ups, but based on results and the merit that flows from that.

  14. I see Danny Garcia is still ranked in the Pound for Pound list. It seems Miguel Cotto, Mikey Garcia or even Golovkin would be more fitting at the time. Yes, Garcia deservedly cracked into P4P lists with his wins over Khan and Matthysse, but since then his highly questionable win over Mauricio Herrera and his abomination of a win over undersized and overpowered Rod Salka seem to have moved him back behind the aforementioned fighters for the time being. Even Nonito Donaire has been more impressive of late.

    I’m just not sure how he still holds down the #9 spot on the elite list.

    Kudos, by the way, for including Roman Gonzalez. Chocolatito is at the top of his game has long lacked the recognition he deserves.

    • Thank you Chaz. Your appearance on these pages is always good for quality control. More than a few members agree with you about Garcia’s presence in the P4P List and regret not moving him down (if not out) after the Herrera fight in March. To do it now would be arbitrary (why not move Ward down as well?). However, his record overall remains impressive. Let’s also consider a factor that used to be called “the Indian sign.” Herrera made him look less than he had been looking against higher-ranked opposition, sure, but does that mean that Garcia is ‘less’ or does it mean that Herrera’s jazzier style naturally neutralized Garcia’s less-imaginative style? Back in the early 50s Archie Moore was clearing a path through the light heavyweight division on the way to the throne (then occupied by Joey Maxim) but he didn’t look so good against Bert Lytell. The second time they fought, Moore took a decision but was booed to the rafters by his own neighbors in Toledo, Ohio. He disappointed his fans and they turned on him. But Lytell was a complicated fighter with a chin like a curbstone and had made Jake LaMotta look just as bad. Moore came roaring back of course. Garcia may neutralize his critics soon enough; if not, we’ll address it as fairly as we can.

      • Excuses. Herrera has wins over Danny Garcia and Ruslan Provodnikov. And yet here he is, number 4, below the complete clown Lamont Peterson, who has absolutely ZERO worthy wins, and Lucas Matthyse, whose defining moment is knocking out the aformentioned bum Lamont Peterson. Hell, LaBum PEDerson actually turned down fighting Herrera, so how is he better? It seems even Lamont doesn’t seem to think so. You just don’t want to give Herrera any credit, just like another similar character from the lightweight division who shall remain nameless.

        • Lamont Peterson a “complete clown”? Harsh words from a harsh man. If I turn professional, I hope ‘glenn mcrory’ becomes my fan. As for Herrera, we have him ranked higher than either Dan Rafael or The Ring (which doesn’t rank him in the top 10 at Jr. welter) and yes, there is an argument for him to be ranked higher still –let’s hope he gets another opportunity to prove you right.

          • The fact that they don’t even rank him doesn’t get you off the leash for Herrera’s ranking. It just makes them look dumb and completely bought out. As for Lamont. Name me his best wins. A draw with Victor “Quitter” Ortiz? Kendall “Not a journeyman” Holt? Dierry “Who?” Jean? He hasn’t earned that fake spot on the list no matter who much anyone tries to spin it. How the hell do you lose a fight, win a fake belt by robbery, test positive, not get stripped, get KTFO by Matthyse, and STILL have a belt? Clearly he has someone looking out for him.

  15. Isn’t pound for pound measured by competition too, who did Mayweather beat that was competitive? Saul Alvarez and Miguel Cotto weren’t on the P4P list. Andre Ward haven’t fought for how many years now? I think you should replace him until he fights again.

    • You’d have a hard time convincing many that Floyd isn’t the best P4P in the world, though be assured that there was a lively debate among Board members when we were determining our P4P List. Many thought Ward was more deserving, though that was a long time ago, and Ward’s inactivity could see him dropping down in time on our P4P List.

      • I like your reply, very neutral and unbiased respond. Just wanted you to know that I feel that if a boxer compete with others that are closer to the number 1 spot in their division or on the pound for pound list, they are more deserving to be on the P4P list. I respect the way champions are crowned on TBRB, thank you for your reply.

    • Exactly. Even the disclaimer at the top states “…among ACTIVE fighters…”
      Ward is inactive, and has not really kept on fighting the best anyway.
      I’d like to see him take on GGG, Pascal, Stevenson, Kovalev, Froch II, or even Groves or DeGale.

      All of these operate around 168 give or take and all would pose problems – the guy is very good but has been made into some kind of invincible thing far, far too early.

      Should not be considered top 10.

      • Ward’s support for being near the top of the P4P List is waning, that much is undeniable. Watch for him to be overtaken as others near him fight and he continues to lollygag his peak away.

    • Cotto had his supporters on the Board to enter the P4P top-ten, but most felt that Roman Gonzalez deserved to be in more than him. Cotto, after all, is surging again, but he is still 2-2 since 2011. If we looked primarily at career-long accomplishments, we’d probably have Hopkins way up at the top, but would that reflect what’s what and who’s who today?

  16. I’m all for Roman Gonzalez , but how is he Top 10 p4p, but ranked near the bottom in his own division? 1+2 does not equal 3 inthis instance.

    • Thank you for taking the time to post a question, Jesse. Look at it from another, more specific angle: 2+2=4 and that’s how many bouts Roman has had at or around Flyweight. Roman’s reputation was made at Straw and Jr. Flyweight and since he moved up to Flyweight, he has looked good, but has yet to defeat a ranked contender. That’s why he is at the lower end thus far in the Flyweight rankings. We don’t install fighters dominant in other divisions based on an announcement of a division-change. We look at reputations as division-specific and make no assumptions based on anything but (a) who they defeat and (b) what we see at the new weight.

  17. I know it’s the lack of quality opposition that has Román González off the top 10, but on a pound-for-pound basis, he would easily beat half the guys on this list. El Chocolatito will soon have his recognition as soon as he gets his hands on Yaegashi.

  18. Froch doesn’t deserve to be on this list, especially after his last fight.

    I don’t see how Rigondeax could be in front of Garcia either. Garcia is in a tougher division and fought and beat some of the biggest names in Khan, Judah, and a monster win against Matthysse.

    I’m a huge Sergio Martinez fan but he’s been inactive almost a year so it’s about time he get’s the boot.

    Has anyone on this list been KO’d like Pac was against JMM? He’s still top 5?

    • Inactivity should be a factor in these rankings. Andre Ward has had 2 fights in as many years. Sergio, due to injuries hasn’t been active.
      Danny Garcia should be a couple spots higher for dominating the devision as Andre has done.
      Mikey Garcia should be in the top 10. Everyone else is fine, except Froch, but he will probably knock himself out of this list after his rematch with Groves.

  19. No Nonito Donaire? And Carl Froch is not a top 10 P4P fighter. And I never understand why heavyweights (especially giant ones) are added, since the original tradition of the pound for pound list was to identify the best non-heavyweight fighters, specifically. Mikey Garcia and Abner Mares belong here.

    And how can Bradley, who flatly lost to Pacquiao, went life and death with a non P4Per in Provodnikov, and was only able to barely outbox a 40 year old Marquez, the third best fighter in the world? If things were called correctly, Bradley would have gotten a loss and a draw from the Pacquiao and Provodnikov fights.

    I have Rigondeaux in his place at #3. He dominated Donaire, who was a consensus top 5 P4Per at the time. I don’t see him losing to anyone, though a fight with fellow amateur legend Vasyl Lomachenko would be intriguing if Lomachenko continues to progress.

    • you want donaire in top 10 after getting schooled by ringondeaux and looking awful against vic ? you want abner in the top 10 after he got destroyed in one round ?

      • Donaire is now at Featherweight. As for his previous ranking at Jr. Featherweight and Abner’s current ranking at Featherweight, we also consider their resume in the division, not just a big loss. In other words, we look critically at a big loss, but also at previous recent accomplishments/context.

      • Nonpareil, you right good articles but in one you said mayweather vs guerrero was evenly matched.it’s obvious you really don’t understand how talented Floyd is.

          • (Going into the Guerrero bout Floyd was and still on the same level as Guerrero). Simply because Floyd has taken on C- since 1999. Floyd has you and many duped sir.
            Mr. Mayweather has taken 2 risks in the second Jose Luis Castillo bout in 2002 and recently on September 2013 facing the young 40 plus bout Canelo Alvarez. Mr. Mayweather has the most misses [in Boxing History] of available & threatening opposition win or lose since 1999. They consist of Erik Morales ’00 – Joel Casamayor ’00 – Shane Mosley ’00 or ’09 – Stevie Johnston 00’ – Acelino Freitas ’00 – Kostya Tszyu ’04 – Winky Wright ’04 – Antonio Margarito ’06 – Paul Williams ’08 – Miguel Cotto 08’ – Manny Pacquiao ’09 ’10 ’11 & ’12 – Sergio Martinez in ’10 ’11 & ’12. Some add the late Vernon Forrest and Cory Spinks to this list. Throughout history the unwritten rule is that a proven risk taking boxer is allowed up to three misses. Floyd has never earned this privilege to become as choosy with opponent selection as he is. He has left [what could’ve been] many career defining fights on the table. The media should be utilized in a more positive manner for top paid boxers to collectively begin restoring the sport that feeds them. The new ‘All Time Great’ is the all-time great deception more so on choosy opponent’s selection.

          • Wow, you sir are completely uninformed. First, when Mayweather agreed to fight Judah Zab had unified the belts, had lightning fast hands, and one punch KO power. ODLH certainly wasn’t a bum. People were saying Floyd was ducking Hatton, Hatton was a top p4p fighter. He fought Mosley when Mosley was #1 WW and #3 p4p. He fought Mosley because Freddie Roach had to tell Shane not once but twice that he was “too good a fighter” for Manny Pacquiao. Many predicted Mosley would win. At this time, Berto was behind Mosley. Berto then lost to Ortiz and so Mayweather fought the top WW willing to fight him. He fought Cotto at 154 when Cotto was #1 fighter at that weight. Now he’s also beaten Canelo who many picked to win and was considered the biggest risk to his “0” and lastly schooled Manny Pacquiao, who for some reason many felt had an actual chance against Mayweather.

            Now, Morales was fighting at 122 in 2000 while Mayweather was cleaning out the 130 division. Corrales was right behind him and a p4p fighter at the time. Stevie Johnston had just lost to Castillo. So Floyd fought Castillo in his first fight at 135 instead of the guy who just lost to him. Frietas and Casamayor were solid fighters, but Mayweather was with Top Rank at the time, and I don’t recall Mr. Bob Arum allowing any of his fighters to face Freitas or Casamayor. Also Hernandez, Manfredy, Corrales were all considered and ranked above these two. As for Mosley, it is actually well-documented that he offered to fight him in 99 when Mosley was champ at 135 and Floyd at 130. Ring even featured both of them on their cover in hopes of a big fight. Mosley refused, jumped two divisions and fought ODLH not long after. Floyd again wanted to fight him in 06 and Mosley complained of a toothache and wanted to take a family vacation and refused to fight Mayweather again. Finally when losing a lot of his wealth in a messy divorce in 09 Mosley showed interest in fight Floyd. Floyd instead fought Marquez in his first fight in two years. As soon as Manny walked away from negotations, Floyd immediately contacted and started negotiating with Mosley for a fight if Mosley beat Berto. When Berto pulled out of the fight due to the horrific tragedy he went through, Mayweather-Mosley was immediately made. When Mayweather moved up to 140, Tszyu was already scheduled to fight Hatton, that fight got pushed back due to an injury, and then Hatton retired Tszyu. Mayweather offered to fight Hatton at the time, but Hatton refused unless it was in England. In 2004 Winky was fighting at 154 while Mayweather was fighting at 140. Mayweather agreed to fight Margarito, but he wanted a deal where he would fight Margrito, Hatton, Cotto, and De La Hoya Arum refused to let his fighter face ODLH after ODLH left him and started Golden Boy Promotions. Arum was very vocal about not allowing this fight to happen. As for Williams, Mayweather was retired in 2008. And as for Cotto, Mayweather asked to Arum to fight Cotto and Arum wouldn’t allow that fight to take place. As soon as Cotto’s contract was up, Mayweather fought him. As for Manny, in 09-10 Mayweather asked for RBT. Roach laughed and said okay. Then when Mayweather agreed to everything else, Arum came out called the fight off. He said Manny would agree to the RBT but only if by a different agency than the USADA. Two days later Mayweather said ok. Arum then said they would not do any test the Nevada State Athletic commission didn’t require. He said Manny was scared of needles. Then that he would give blood on three predetermined dates and none less than 30 days before a fight. Pacquiao himself came out and said he felt it would weaken him, and he couldn’t understand why anyone would give blood less than 30 days before a fight. Arum called off the fight again. Then it came out that Manny had scheduled a physical that he knew required him to give blood just 24 days before his fight against Hatton 9 months earlier. Mayweather offered a cut-off date of 14 days. Manny still wouldn’t go below 30 days. Then they went to meditation and Manny said he would take a test 24 days before the fight, but no random blood tests. Mayweather asked for 14. The next day Arum again called off the fight. The following day he announced Manny was fighting Clottey next. Manny then scheduled a physical that included giving blood just 20 days before his fight with Clottey! So either Manny didn’t have this fear of giving blood 9 months prior to Mayweather wanting to fight him, developed this phobia out of the blue, and it suddenly went away within weeks of walking away from Mayweather. Mayweather then said, when they fight Manny would not get a 50-50 split, since Floyd fought Mosley who was “too good a fighter” for Pac and Pac fought fringe contender Clottey. After that, there were some negotations but neither Manny or anyone in his camp and Floyd or anyone in his camp ever disclosed what either side offered. In 2012, Mayweather personally called and offered Pac $40 million for a fight. Pac said no, then finally said he would if the purse was 50-50 split. Mayweather had fought the top welterweight behind him and Manny in Ortiz, while Manny after Clottey, never again faced a top 10 WW until Mayweather. Mayweather had much higher PPVs. Then Manny fought JMM in a fight most felt Marquez won, then lost to Bradley in a fight most thought Pac won and then got brutally KOd by the same Marquez that landed 6 punches a round against Mayweather and failed to win a single round. Finally, after Manny was reduced to fighting in China against someone literally living in his parents basement and owed $75 million in back taxes he agreed to fight Mayweather. Martinez fought at middleweight from 09 until the end of his career. After losing twice to Mayorga in 2003 Forrest never again proved to be a top fighter. And as for Cory Spinks, he lost to Judah when he got KOd by one punch by Judah. Mayweather immediately agreed to fight Judah after this, instead of the guy he knocked out. The media should be utilized to a more positive manner and promote the truth instead of what certain promoters, advisors, and other interested parties pay them. The new “all time great” fought the highest ranked fighter at 147 or 154 willing to fight him every single fight since Marquez. That is not an opinion. That is a fact.

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  21. I like this P4P list but there are two problems regarding people who should not be there.
    Abner Mares and Carl Froch do not belong there especially in front of Rigondeaux and even Donaire for that matter. Donaire may have lost but he is still P4P there is no question about that. I would move your #10 and #9 up two slots. Then I’d put Bernard Hopkins right behind Donaire because of what he did to Cloud and what he has accomplished. He beats everyone not named Chad Dawson or Andre Ward at 175 he is a freak. at #10 Vitali Klitshcko belongs there and pending on whether he officially retires, there is no excuse for him not to be on P4P lists. for any heavyweight in the game right now it is considered an absolute and total privilege to even step foot in the ring with one of them.

    • I recognize that you are making an effort to do the right thing, an example of that is to put Mares up than Rigo, there are a lot of persons without knowledge or without box sensibility that believe that defeat 1 excellent boxer is better than defeat 5 excellent boxers and win 1 title is better than win 3 titles (Mares has proved a lot more than Rigo)… by the other hand… Martinez is not longer a top lb x lb, and only if Froch defeats Kessler, he or Kessler is going to be a top lb x lb but not before this fight.

      Les reconozco que hacen un esfuerzo por hacer lo correcto, ejemplo de esto es poner a Mares arriba de Rigo. (Mares con 3 títulos mundiales y en 6 peleas contra excelentes rivales debe ser más que Rigo, debemos dar el beneficio de la duda a Nonito y a Rigo, de que ni uno es tan bueno ni el otro tan malo, por diferentes factores como la lesión de Nonito, el que realmente no había enfrentado a los mejores del mundo, etc) Por otro lado, definitivamente Martínez no tiene nada que hacer en este ranking Él ya no es más un lb x lb y Froch lo será sólo si vence a Kessler a finales de mayo, no antes.

      • By the way, in my view beating Donaire means more than beating guys like Agbeko(questionably the first time) and Vic Darchinyan. His best win was against De Leon. Height marks for that, but the clinic Rigo did to Donaire is of the highest order. He decisively beat him and was already highly regarded because of his amateur record.Based on those credentials you have to give him credit.Only reasons he doesn’t have more fights is because he’s Cuban. I think his skillset and credentials speak for themselves. When given the opportunity he schooled the best fighter available.

    • Not sure about Mares, although he proves he belongs on the list. Maybe 10. I’d put him Rigo at 6, leave Mares at 7, Froch at 8. Klitchko doesn’t belong there. I don’t out heavies on my list, unless they’ve moved up from lower weights. I think you could put Donaire at ten. Not sure who you’d put at 9. I guess you could put Klitchko if you wanted to….Broner maybe? Not a big fan, but he’s been pretty impressive, even if the oppostion is lacking, but he can only beat the guys around his weight.

  22. Great website and I’m becoming a believer in The Transnational Boxing Rankings. However I disagree with having Nonito Donaire at #5, that is way too low and I believe he should be #1. Donaire is more active than any other fighter and he just beat 3 world champions who currently held titles at Junior Featherweight and beat them all. Donaire now has climbed up and beat every champion at Junior Bantamweight, Bantamweight and now Junior Featherweight. Now on April 13, he will take his toughest test to date as he fights the next best fighter in his division which is Guillermo Rigondeaux. Those fighters ahead of Donaire are too inactive and they don’t even fight champions or the best fighters in their division. Donaire must also be commended for cleaning up the sport by submitted to year round blood testing.

    • I think 5th is a good palce for Donaire. he ko’s Arce and Jmm ko’s Pac . .no comparison. Martinez Ko’d PWill Ward cleaned out a whole division. I think Donaire would be considered for #1 if he can beat Rigo and Mares and then a formidable guy like Salido or Ponce at 126

  23. I respect what you guys are doing. But not having Bradley in the top 10?

    He beat Vazquez, Peterson, Alexander who all came back to become champion
    Holt and Witter. Both beltholder at that point and highly regarded.
    Abregu, who came back strong and is still a player in the 147 division.

    No matter what you think of the decision against Pac.. He slowed Pac down tremendously. I thought it was a close fight. But even if that was a loss, he def should be up there in the top 10 imo..
    And i think Ward is too high, he hasn’t done enough yet.

    my top 10

    • If you take the total combined record of a fighter’s opponents, it is THE single best method to audit their efforts.
      Carl Froch’s opponents have a hugely higher win % than almost every fighter out there, for the last 20 years.
      The man has fought top top guys, (Mack being the exception) for almost a decade, and come out on top all but twice, one of those he avenged.
      And before you say anything, Groves is a very very good fighter, and will be a WC one day.
      Finally, Ward should not get on that list, at all. He is far too inactive, and the last guy he fought no-one had ever heard of.
      I’d love to see his record if he fought Bute, Pascal, Groves x 2 and Taylor of 5 or 6 years ago.

  24. I dont think Martínez is a real p4p, is a good fighter but only have figths in one division. He begans in welter then in juniormiddle and did’t had good results and he does no want to figth in supermiddle. So that is not a real p4p.

  25. I like this site and the whole idea. The rankings are objective and the answers to people’s questions are reasonable. i can’t say i agree exactly with every single ranking in each division but it’s a consnsus so few see things exacly… For the people complaining and getting outraged because it’s biased they are probably the most narrow in their focus. Any fool can see what’s wrong. there is a lot that is right about this idea and I hope eventually it has a positive impact on the sport we all love because these alphabet ratings are ridiculous

  26. Not having Timothy Bradley in the top ten is criminal. Bradley has some very solid wins at 140lbs and he was the man in that division. When he moved up in weight, he beat Manny Pacquiao and Ruslan Provodkinov. You can say the Pacquiao decision was controversial but some people did score the fight for Bradley and of course a lot of people are going to side with Pacquiao as he is an incredibly popular fighter. A lot of those guys were influenced by the very biased HBO commentary. In reality, we saw a very close fight with a lot of swing rounds. An investigation was undertook and 5 different judges found 8 different rounds to give to Bradley. That was the nature of the fight.

    I think you shoudl respect the decision of the judges under those circumstances.

    • Bradley should definitely not be in the P4P list. He lost both of his last two fights in my eyes. Pacquiao beat him hands down on all fronts: control of the fight, more punches landed, and better punches landed. Provodnikov also beat Bradley in my opinion. The Russian pounded Bradley the whole fight, and although his conditioning and speed was inferior, Provodnikov never looked affected by Bradley. I will say, however, that Bradley is one of the toughest S.O.B.’s in the fight game. The Provodnikov fight is proof of that. Bradley is also a true professional boxer, with great accuracy, speed and conditioning. Not to mention he is a class act in and out of the ring. That said, however, not top ten P4P.

  27. Nicely done. Definitely the correct 10 names in the list for the time being.

    I’m glad to see the Adrian Broners and Canelo Alvarez’s of the world didn’t make it into the mix. Well done!

    • Are you kidding me???… Do you… expert panel …. really believe that Carlos Molina who won against Kirkland and Lara is less than them…. You critizice The Ring, Boxrec,etc… but you do the same.

      Es increible ver como una nueva asociación TBRB se da sus aires de grandeza diciendo que son la opción que el mundo del boxeo esperaba!!!! y resulta que caen los mismos errores que otros organismos…. Ejemplo: ¿Quién de forma imparcial pondría por debajo a Molina de Lara y Kirkland, cuando si bien no oficialmente pero sí en la realidad venció a ambos?… Molina le guste o no a TBRB es el boxeador a vencer en los medianos jr…. ¿Imparcialidad o TBRB también tiene intereses?

    • Yes, although there were some members who had those men in a different order. Marquez just beat the consensus #2 or #3 pound-for-pound boxer in the world, and arguably beat him some of the other times they met as well. He also had a run as the lineal lightweight champion, beat Marco Antonio Barrera, and a great many more. Martinez and Donaire both have excellent resumes, but the board collectively decided Marquez deserved to be ranked above them.

  28. Really? This is your p4p top ten based on in your words “go beyond simply asking who are the ‘best’: How high is the quality of the fighter’s recent opposition? How strong is the fighter’s career-long resume? How advanced is the fighter’s ring generalship? How willing is the fighter to accept all-comers?”. Well first of all lets look at number 6 on the list, Mr. Pacman, in his last two fights he has been beaten the latter of which saw him out cold on his face. Then we have number 10 Abner Mares who in your own rankings of his division is ranked below Rigondeaux. I could go on but feel it is in vain as boxing, without a unilateral governing body, will always be asking this same question and getting conflicting responses from all who attempt to answer it.

    • Another thing, marquez above donaire? I dont think so, and where is GGG you cant be down on a guy because everyone is scared to fight him!

    • It really is. Very few people consider the loss to Bradley a loss. Additionally, Pacquiao meets all of the standards you mentioned: How high is the quality of the fighter’s recent opposition? (very high) How strong is the fighter’s career-long resume? (very strong) How advanced is the fighter’s ring generalship? (it’s advanced) How willing is the fighter to accept all-comers? (some will debate who is most to blame for the Mayweather fight not happening, but even setting that aside, he’s fought some of the best opponents he can). Him being knocked out cold explains why he’s as far down as he is.

      Pound-for-pound rankings have very little to do with divisional rankings. One fighter can be ranked above another in a division where he has a better resume AT THAT WEIGHT, but still be ranked lower pound-for-pound than that person if his OVERALL resume is worse. Mares’ pound-for-pound resume has more to do with the quality of competition he’s beaten at two weights than whether he is the #1 or #2 junior featherweight. Do you see the difference?

      GGG is a quality middleweight, but he falls short in two of those questions we discussed, at least compared to the 10 men here. As for Marquez above Donaire, please see my answer to ian.

      Whatever one’s view of a unilateral governing body, I’ve seen no suggestion that such a body would or should create pound-for-pound rankings.

      • Well if your counting the Manny v Bradley fight as a win for the former then what has Bradley done to earn a place in the top 10?

  29. How can you possibly have guys like Froch. Viloria, and Mares above Bradley?

    Froch is 1-1 in his last 2 fights and was embarrassed by Ward. Then he beat a guy who everyone said hadn’t fought anyone, so now he’s P4P top 10?

    The talent pool below at lower weights is extremely thin. People had Wonjongkam as a P4P type of fighter, and he gets stopped by a guy with 10 losses. Viloria has been on a run lately, I’ll give him that, but those weight classes lack the depth of 140-147 where Bradley fights.

  30. I believe in this panel to produce an unbiased P4P listing. I for one anticipate the mere mention of Floyd Mayweather in any P4P ranking, because he has duped the world. Sadly Floyd has never been P4P caliber or contender. Floyd has “managed” (literally and figuratively) to avoid -not fight- missed a whopping and record setting 11 viable peers since 1999 and some of those men was for multiple years. This article can be Googled under Fraud Alert Hilario. Manny Pac is in the lead in my book because his longevity and dossier alone, the robbery of Bradley is on paper only – Bradley inwardly attests to this when he shaves while looking in the mirror, he must — I know I would. If this board chooses Maravilla over Manny because they have to honour in-ring official rulings that’s fine and in good taste. (if they consider losing a disruption in success when deciding P4P accolades) At Julian Johnson “I have trouble ranking a guy with 26 fights as the p4p best” Very good point. Ray Leonard is an ATG with 40 bouts. Ward has crammed in excellence with nearly half. So far so great for Andre.

  31. The light middle ranked number 1 has beaten the light middle ranked number 2 but remains in the same place, what gives?????

  32. if you put Floyd and Manny as top P4P I for one know this is just another bullshit biased ranking system. Ward or Martinez are 1 ans 2 flip it either way. Martinez has more fights and better wins, two div champ and I have trouble ranking a guy with 26 figths as the p4p best

    • Different people define P4P in different ways. Thus, it would be worthwhile for the TBRB to share their definition/interpretation with us in the future. You seem to be putting a huge emphasis on amount of fights, which I don’t agree with.

      • you have to rank a mythical div with who is best, not what they did, and right now Martinez or Ward are the best fighters in the world, Floyd is not now and hasnt been for a couple years now, manny also. Hell I have Roman Gonzalez higher then Manny. Lucas Mathysse is or should be on the list too

    • Seems your perspective is just as biased. Floyd and Manny have long established winning records against several top rated guys.

      I can see an argument for inserting Andre Ward somewhere in the top 2, but no way is Serg one of the two best fighters on the planet. Not after nearly losing it all to Chavez Jr. — and struggling against Macklin and Barker before.

      You can hate Floyd and Manny all you will, but to insinuate ranking them atop a Pound for Pound list is biased is just baseless.

      • The way I see it, If Martinez and Pacquiao were in the same division, Martinez would win. I was at Chavez vs Martinez, and I hope nobody is forgetting that for 11 rounds Sergio Martinez was hitting Chavez at will. Up until the final 2 minutes of the last round, Sergio Martinez was in perfect form. I get holding great fighters to high standards, but to say he “struggled” with Macklin and Barker is ridiculous. He got hit a few times, but he still knocked them out. Thats more then can be said about Pacquiao against Bradley, or Mayweather against Cotto. I am not saying he’s #1 or even #2 P4P, but one could definitely make a strong case for it.

        • Macklin can fight. Barker fought a smart fight.

          @Red Ryan. Bros. K are tremendous in every way. They can fight, are class acts, etc. However, they are campaigning in a paper-thin division and I think that hurts them.

          I agree with an earlier post. If you’re going to have a mythical division, you really need to set the parameters clearly.

          Also, I feel if the judges get it wrong, and the sport IS littered with horrible judges, throw their opinion out.

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