Updates, 4 August 2015: *** Bantamweight Rau’shee Warren has a consolation prize awaiting him. Enough members on the board noted his Pernell Whitaker-inspired performance, albeit a losing one and a messy one against #2-ranked Juan Carlos Payano, and supported his entry at #9. The proposal had several dissenters, though not quite enough.

Jhonny Gonzalez (#7) announced his intention to campaign at Jr. lightweight, did so, and so exits the Featherweight rankings. Filipino Marvin Sonsona was unanimously supported to make his debut here at #10. He joins cousin Eden Sonsona (ranked #9 at Jr. lightweight).

Lightweight Emiliano Marsili, undefeated former EBU champion and national champion (Italy) enters at #10 in the division. This entry too had its dissenters, but Marsili’s winning ways earned him enough support to become Italy’s only fighter currently in the Transnational Rankings.

Danny Garcia makes his official debut at Welterweight and easily defeats Paulie Malignaggi in the latest leather-flying chapter of the Philly vs. NYC feud. The chairs, in a compromise, proposed his entry at #9, but it was defeated by a majority who preferred Garcia to enter at #10. “More to prove” in boxing’s deepest division, is the suggestion. ***

The Champions as recognised by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board: 

DivisionNameRecord - W-L-D (KO)Nationality
HeavyweightWladimir Klitschko63-3-0 (53)UKR
Light HeavyweightAdonis Stevenson25-1-0 (21)CAN
Super MiddleweightAndre Ward28-0-0 (15)USA
MiddleweightMiguel Cotto40-4-0 (33)PR
Junior MiddleweightFloyd Mayweather Jr.48-0-0 (26)USA
WelterweightFloyd Mayweather Jr.48-0-0 (26)USA
Junior WelterweightDanny Garcia29-0-0 (17)USA
Junior FeatherweightGuillermo Rigondeaux15-0-0 (10)CUB
FlyweightRoman Gonzalez42-0-0 (36)NIC
For detailed rankings please click here. OUR MISSION:   The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board was formed in October 2012 as a volunteer initiative to provide boxing with authoritative top-ten rankings, identify the singular world champion of every division by strict reasoning and common sense, and to insist on the sport’s reform. Board membership includes at least twenty-five respected boxing journalists and record keepers from around the world who are uncompromised by so-called sanctioning bodies and promoters.