Updates24 March 2015: *** Sixth-ranked Lightweight Paulus Moses drops a decision to Jr. lightweight Malcolm Klassen and is dropped from the rankings. Venezuelan Jorge Linares, who resides in Tokyo, re-enters at #10. Linares is scheduled to face Kevin Mitchell, now ranked #9, in May.

Nicaraguan Carlos Buitrago moves up one spot at Strawweight after defeating former contender Mario Rodriguez. Buitrago is called “Chocorroncito” —which he said means “roach” and which he got due to his small size. More ennobling than his name is his hero, Alexis Arguello. “He used to call me his little beast,” Buitrago told Anson Wainwright. He is now ranked just below Knockout CP Freshmart, who defeated him in a close one last October. ***

*** Did you see The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board’s latest news release covering the immediate and potentially historic impact of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao? Here:

http://shuttlepenboxing.com/2015/03/tbrb-may-2-will-crown-welterweight-king-may-launch-pac-into-boxing-history.html (English)

http://www.boxeomundial.com/el-2-de-mayo-transnational-boxing-rankings-board-corona-el-rey-de-los-pesos-welter/ (Espanol)

The Transnational Ranking Board will soon be crowning its tenth divisional champion. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (#1 at welterweight) will be facing Manny Pacquiao (#2 at welterweight) on May 2 to finally determine which of them is the true champion. Don’t let those trick titles fool you, boxing history is standing by…

The Champions as recognised by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board: 

DivisionNameRecord - W-L-D (KO)Nationality
HeavyweightWladimir Klitschko63-3-0 (53)UKR
Light HeavyweightAdonis Stevenson25-1-0 (21)CAN
Super MiddleweightAndre Ward27-0-0 (14)USA
MiddleweightMiguel Cotto39-4-0 (32)PR
Junior MiddleweightFloyd Mayweather, Jr.47-0-0 (26)USA
Junior WelterweightDanny Garcia29-0-0 (17)USA
LightweightTerence Crawford25-0-0 (17)USA
Junior FeatherweightGuillermo Rigondeaux15-0-0 (10)CUB
FlyweightRoman Gonzalez42-0-0 (36)NIC
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OUR MISSION:   The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board was formed in October 2012 as a not-for-profit initiative to provide boxing with authoritative top-ten rankings, identify the singular world champion of every division by strict reasoning and common sense, and to insist on the sport’s reform. Board membership includes at least twenty-five respected boxing journalists and record keepers from around the world who are uncompromised by so-called sanctioning bodies and promoters.